Resident Evaluations

Faculty Evaluation of the Residents:  Each faculty evaluates the R1s during each month they spend in the ED and evaluated the R2s/R3s every other month.  This evaluation addresses each of the ACGME Core Competencies.  This survey is distributed electronically through New Innovations.  It should be noted that ED residents also receive evaluations on all off-service rotations, including toxicology and EMS.


REEFs:  These evaluations are prepared following a meeting involving all faculty who can attend.  Faculty discuss each resident one by one in regards to their performance in each of the ACGME Core Competencies.  The feedback from these sessions is compiled for each resident after the biannual REEF meetings.


Procedure Logs:  KM Portfolio contains and electronic procedure log that will track your documented procedures.  This can subsequently easily be compiled for you upon your graduation from the program when applying for future positions.


Nursing Evaluations of the Residents:  The desktops of the ED computers have an easily accessible link for the nursing staff to provide compliments or constructive criticism regarding their experiences working with the residents.


Teaching Resident of the Month Awards:  Each month the rotating VMS IV students award one R2 and one R3 as the best resident teachers for the month in order to further promote enthusiasm in teaching.


Resident Metrics:  Each year the R2 / R3 residents receive a metric report that is used simply to help them prepare for their careers as faculty physicians.  They are given reports regarding metrics such as patients/hour; RVUs/hour; disposition times; and documentation completed.



Meetings with the Department Chair and Program Director:  These more formal meetings for evaluation occur twice yearly during resident training.  During these meetings many of the aforementioned evaluations are addressed and goals are made for the upcoming phase in training.