Bedside Ultrasound

Emergency Medicine Bedside Ultrasonography (EMBU) has become a required skill of graduating EM residents. The use of ultrasound in the rapid assessment of patients has been well-studied and validated, as well as the role of ultrasound to facilitate procedures. As a resident at Vanderbilt, you will become facile with ultrasound and all its aspects.

Your exposure to EMBU starts early in your residency. During your first month at Vanderbilt, you will have lectures and hands-on workshops to cover the basic EMBU studies – FAST, Cardiac, Aorta and IV access. Then, during your intern year, you will spend one month on the EMBU rotation refining your basic skills and learning the other areas including DVT, RUQ, Renal, Early Pregnancy, Soft Tissue and Procedural. This rotation provides a solid framework on which to build during your second and third years.

To assist your formal education, a training 
video series and narrated lectures are available for your viewing at any time during your residency.


For more information regarding the EMBU experience at Vanderbilt, please email Dr. Rob Ferre This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.