Critical Care Ultrasound (CCUS) information and resources  



Bedside scanning schedule  
Every other Monday at 3pm
8th floor medical ICU workroom


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CCUS curriculum documents 
CCUS 1 Ultrasound Basics and Qpath Intro
CCUS 2 Basic Critical Care Echo
CCUS 3 LVEF Estimation
CCUS 4 Lung Ultrasound
CCUS 5 Pleural Ultrasound
CCUS 6 Abdomen & Paracentesis
CCUS 7 IVC & Fluid Responsiveness
CCUS 8 DVT Ultrasound
CCUS 9 Ultrasound-Guided Subclavian Central Venous Cannulation
CCUS 10 Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral IV Insertion


 Links to videos 


Q-Path (4 videos, 20 min)



Ultrasound physics/knobology (3 videos, 32 min):




Basic Cardiac

LVEF (15 min)



Caveats to above video (2 videos, 21 min):



EPSS (16 min)



Pericardial effusion & tamponade (2 videos, 40 min):





B-lines (15 min)



Comprehensive lung scanning (2 videos, 76 min)



Philips’ “Point-of-care lung ultrasound” eBook (comprehensive but short)



Thoracentesis (3 min):




Abdomen & Paracentes

FAST (14 min)



Hydronephrosis (14 min) 



AAA (32 Min)



Small bowel obstruction (13 min):



Paracentesis (10 min):



IVC & Fluid Responsivenes

 IVC controversy FOR (4 min):


IVC controversy AGAINST (23 min):



Cardiac output (5 min)



IVC, fluid responsiveness, cardiac output – putting it all together (2 videos, 48 min)





Lower extremity DVT evaluation (25 min):



Ultrasound guided IV access

Central venous catheter placement (20 min)



Peripheral IV placement (20 min):



Advanced cardiac

RV function (2 videos, 30 min):




Diastology (2 videos, 58 min)




Diastology summary/how to (4 min)


Doppler physics (2 videos, 31 min)




Advanced lung

ARDS, recruitment/PEEP, ventilator weaning



Recommended apps/iBooks:

One Minute Ultrasound Smartphone App



Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound: Volume 1 (iPad only):  



Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound: Volume 2 (iPad only):


Additional resources

Vanderbilt EM ultrasound videos



Stanford Critical Care POCUS course (highly recommended, requires creation of free account)


Sinai EM ultrasound tutorial


The Ultrasound Podcast (high level, must use search function)




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