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PGY-2 Ultrasound Rotation 


Welcome to the PGY-2 Emergency Ultrasound Rotation! We are excited to have you joining us again. You will be rotating on ultrasound as part of the EMS block. Mondays will be exclusively dedicated to ultrasound during your rotation. Additional time scanning will be at your own discretion. The goal of the rotation will be to get you as close to accomplishing all the requirements for “Level 2” certification. These requirements are listed below.


While not exclusively part of the rotation, we encourage you to spend time teaching any interns, students, or off-service residents that are currently on their ultrasound rotation.  This is a great way for you to improve your own technical proficiency as you find ways to help others learn to scan.


Level 2 Certification Requirements



1.      3rd Rock US Cases 1-12

2.      Vandy Pregnancy

3.      Vandy LVEF Caveats 1&2

4.      Vandy RV Strain

5.      Vandy Gallbladder

6.      Vandy CBD

7.      Vandy Ocular


Total Scans (from beginning of residency):

1.      Aorta = 25

2.      Biliary Tract = 25

3.      Trans-Abd Pregnancy = 25

4.      Soft Tissue = 15

5.      Ocular = 10

6.      Echo = 50

7.      DVT = 15


Image Review with Ultrasound Faculty:

1.      Advanced Echo

2.      Biliary Tract

3.      Trans-Abd Pregnancy

4.      Aorta

5.      Soft Tissue 

6.      Ocular




Click below to download the packet for the ultrasound component of the PGY-2 rotation



Ultrasound Component Packet 


Click below to download the packet for the OSUE Packet 


OSUE Packet 


Click below to download the packet for the US Certification Levels 


US Certification Levels